Missing tooth adjacent to existing functionable crown done by previous dentist (not ideal shade in Dr. Magnotta's opinion)


Missing tooth replaced by implant, abutment and crown

Dental Implants: Plan, Place, and Restore all in one location.

From evaluations using our in-house 3D CBCT Scanner, to case planning, implant placement and restoration, let us be your one stop for dental implants!   Dr. Magnotta is a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and is committed to bringing the best dental implant care to his patients to replace missing teeth.

Why Implants?

Sometimes performing a Root Canal in an attempt to "save" a tooth may not be the best option.

Grinding down adjacent teeth to make a bridge has a lot of inherent implications...

​Dr. Magnotta and Staff will be happy to discuss all your dental care options with you!

Realistic and highly functional implant with abutment/crown!

Missing tooth



Tooth replaced by implant, abutment, and crown.  The patient was amazed that, "it looks and feels so good, I can't tell that it's not real!!!"