Missing tooth adjacent to existing functionable crown done by previous dentist (not ideal shade in Dr. Magnotta's opinion)

Realistic and highly functional implant with abutment/crown!

Missing tooth


Missing tooth replaced by implant, abutment and crown

Dental Implants: Plan, Place, and Restore all in one location.

From evaluations using our in-house 3D CBCT Scanner, to case planning, implant placement and restoration, let us be your one stop for dental implants!   Dr. Magnotta is a Fellow in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and is committed to bringing the best dental implant care to his patients to replace missing teeth.

Why Implants?

Sometimes performing a Root Canal in an attempt to "save" a tooth may not be the best option.

Grinding down adjacent teeth to make a bridge has a lot of inherent implications...

​Dr. Magnotta and Staff will be happy to discuss all your dental care options with you!

Tooth replaced by implant, abutment, and crown.  The patient was amazed that, "it looks and feels so good, I can't tell that it's not real!!!"